About Nicole

Known by her followers as the Money Energy Expert, Nicole has mastered the brain and mind connection of the Law of Attraction plus the Law of Action.

Using these powerful tools, she’s built multiple six-figure businesses and helped hundreds of business owners manifest the life and money they want – all while managing her family farm with her husband and three boys.

But before all of that, there was a woman with a dream and a whole lot of debt.

Nicole always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from massage therapy school, making $80 an hour, she was sure she had made it. 


And then her world turned upside down.

She found herself next to her infant son’s hospital bed, learning that he was allergic to all food and would either live on formula for the rest of his life or die. Along with this terrifying diagnosis came over $100,000 in medical debt and marriage on the verge of divorce. 

Discouraged, frustrated, and feeling completely alone, Nicole began to fight. She fought her son’s diagnosis, eventually healing him despite the odds. She fought the debt, knowing there had to be a better, faster way to pay it off. And she fought to keep her marriage. 

That’s when she found coaching. 

In coaching, she found there was so much more to money than she ever knew. She learned how to activate her intuition and use manifestation to create the life she wanted.

Once she had the tools, it only took three months for Nicole to pay off her medical debts.

After 13 years of searching for the financial freedom she craved, Nicole had made it. And now that she knew the way, she was determined not to let others wait 13 years. 

You want financial peace in your life and business.

Nicole can show you how.

Using strategies that your brain understands, you’ll learn to tap into your intuition and use powerful, six-figure manifestation tools to blow your money goals out of the water.

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