Hi, I'm

Nicole Henry

Business Strategist. NLP Practitioner. Money Energy Expert.

You need a better relationship with money!

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Are you...

  • Tired of saying, “I can’t afford it”?
  • Still saving up for the things that you want?
  • Frequently saying, “I’ll do that when…”?
  • Reaching your money goals, but still struggling to feel successful?
  • Trading your time for money?
  • Done with one-size-fits-all approaches to finances that never actually fit?


If this sounds familiar, I have a secret. 

Money isn’t your problem. 

Your emotional cycles around money are what’s holding you back.

The good news is that people don’t call me the Money Energy Expert for nothing. I will give you personalized strategies that help you get out of your head, activate your intuition, and manifest massive amounts of money.

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Now you might be thinking, “What’s the catch, Nicole?” After all, it can’t be that simple, can it?

But it is. I know because a few years ago, I was just like you.

After a crisis that stopped my life in its tracks, I found myself drowning in medical debt, desperate for a way out. I found coaching, overcame my dysfunctional emotional cycles, and began to manifest what I needed. 

And in only three months, I paid all of my medical debts! But even more importantly, I had learned a new way of looking at money. 

I went on to create multiple six-figure businesses, and now I help business owners like you find the financial peace they crave. 

So, are you ready to kick your money blocks to the curb? 

Check out my programs:

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Money Energy Workshop

If you’re looking for the crash course, it’s here—two days of connecting, strategizing, and learning. You’ll leave this in-person event with practical tools you can actually use that make HUGE differences in your money – plus a whole new perspective on life, business, and relationships.

Building Your Destiny

If you’re a DIY person with excellent self-directing skills and a goal of 10k per month, this one’s for you. I give you access to a HUB of training on any business topic you can think of, plus live coaching and a Q&A session once a month. You get everything you need to get out of your head and start making money.


Build Your Destiny Membership
Finance Your Destiny Course Nicole Henry


Finance Your Destiny

If you want the most popular, tried-and-true program, you’ve made it. My 5-week course is all about healing your relationship with money. We combine the law of attraction with the law of action for powerful six-figure manifestation tools that work. It’s personalized and packed with resources to help you hit your 5-week money goal.

Group Coaching

If you’re looking for the mastermind, hold-nothing-back program, this is your stop. In my group coaching program, I give you all the training you want and need and then personally guide you through your next steps. You’ll learn new-age strategies and mindset tools and practice them in the real world, with strict accountability in your bi-weekly group sessions to keep you successful every step of the way. It’s all about you reaching your quarterly six-figure goals.


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Here’s what my clients are saying:



When you've tried every strategy you can think of, it's time to switch up your mindset.

I'll help you:

  • Get rid of your blocks around money.
  • Never say “I can’t afford it” again!
  • Stop waiting to “get there.”
  • Manifest what you want, when you want
  • Stop choosing between more money and more time.
  • You can have both!
  • Finally feel successful.
  • Peace around money, in your business and personal life

No more waiting. No more self-sabotage.

Making money is a skill – and it all starts with changing your mindset.